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“Gene’s music is the first meeting between east and west in a musical vibration.
It will heal many people.”

“Gene has a great talent, and I enjoy his artistry immensely. When he asked me for a quote, I
thought of Proverbs iii, verse 4-6: So shalt thou find favor and good understanding in the sight of God
and man, in all ways acknowledge him and he shall direct thy path.”
Rev Henry Holley
BILLY GRAHAM Evangelical Association

“Gene is an old friend and a new brother. He was on the path when we first met 20 years ago.
You’re in for a treat!”
Author of #1 Bestseller ‘Return To Love’

“If you’re into listening to a guy who is tuned in and turned on to a higher level wisdom, then you’ll
enjoy the man, his music, and reading his book.”
#1 New York Times best selling author Chicken Soup For The Soul series

“I found Gene’s rigorous honesty both courageous and disarming and his humor most refreshing.
I give both his book The Chameleon and his ministry ‘Awakening Imaginations’ a hearty two thumbs
#1 New York Times Best Selling Author and lecturer

“ I have known Gene for a long time and know him to be a sincere man in search of wisdom and
truth. He was one of my ‘Guardian Angels’. His creative muse will inspire and delight you as it has
#1 Best Selling Author and motivator

“I know Gene Wall Cole. Please read his book! I was one of the first people he shared it with as he
too has experienced coming back from the other side. He knows his part.”
#1 New York Times Best selling author

“Gene’s multi-media book The Chameleon was inspired from his ‘Artist’s Pages’ and is the first of
its kind. Gene has followed his heart and his art. He is a true original.”
Best Selling Author

Gene is an extraordinary man. Knowing him as an artist with astonishing skills, I anticipated
enjoying the music, but was overwhelmed by the level of sheer invention in both the production of
the music and the writing of The Chameleon. His story is compelling reading, filled with imagination
and humor. His life is inspiring and he has a gift for sharing a sense of hope. Can’t wait to see it on
the silver screen.”
Actor/ Radio and TV personality

“Gene Wall Cole was a delightful guest who will definitely be returning. He is open hearted and
honest with a gift of being in the present moment. In his first of its kind multi-media book The Chameleon
you can join him on his extraordinary journey of spontaneity and aliveness.”
Carolyn Craft

“The Chameleon is an extraordinary adventure using music as a bridge to personal transformation.
. . Gene is a remarkably diverse talent!”
Mathew Gilbert

“. . .To put it simply, Gene’s appearance was our BEST show this year! Our listeners called during
the show and for hours after we went off the air wanting to know how to get his book and his Cd’s.
We’ve never had such a response to a live performer. . .I would love to have Gene back on our
program as our listeners are demanding and encore. He is an inspiration to us all.”
Bobbie Thomas
WELE RADIO The #1 Talk radio show in Florida

“What a joy to have Gene Wall Cole on the show. He’s the authentic article. Spontaneous, funny,
humble highly entertaining, thought provoking and disarming. It was the best show we’ve done, bar
Lights On With Nancy Lee
KCOL/1410 AM, Fort Collins, CO.

“I established a great rapport with Gene during my one hour talk show. I applaud him for taking
The Chameleon and its inspirational message across the land and have already booked him to do a
repeat performance. His guest shot on my show ranks at the top of my ‘all time favorites’ list.”
Ted Patterson

“Gene Wall Cole is an enormously gifted teacher. His Sunday lesson was quite inspiring interweaving
his message of hope with music, storytelling and a guided meditation. In his ‘Follow Your
Dreams’ workshop, he touched everyone present and we all came away reinvigorated to Follow Our
Dreams. Don’t miss him if you get the chance.”
Rose Amundson

“‘Merlin’ (AKA Gene Wall Cole) and his musical medicine show, ‘Follow Your Dreams’ is a don’t
want to miss adventure in personal empowerment designed for folks seeking practical answers to
everyday challenges. His teaching is clear and precise...an experience designed by an insightful,
light-hearted shaman for folks committed to authentic change...I encourage you to give your congregation
the opportunity to experience the transformative presence of a delightful being with a lot to
say. Our folks loved him and want him back...soon!”
Reverend Chad O’ Shea

“I entrusted both my flock and my pulpit into Gene’s very capable hands, and give my highest
recommendation to any church that emphasizes the divine potential within every child of God. I
predict he’ll become famous for taking that message to the world and if you have the opportunity to
have Gene share his gifts at your church, don’t miss it—he is truly an inspiration.”
Reverend Sherry Lady

“Gene’s music was exceedingly beautiful, the children’s story—delightful, and he led us in one of
the best guided meditations ever.Not only that, he also gave the Sunday lesson, where he inspired
people with his heartfelt stories and later that afternoon set a new attendance record at
our church with his workshop ‘Follow Your Dreams’. I would definitely trust my congregation to him
again and again. He is truly a unique teacher that will energize and inspire your congregation to
follow their dreams. He was a blessing to our church family and I’m sure he will be to yours as well.”
Reverend David Torres
UNITY BY THE BAY, Coos Bay, Oregon

“I’ve known Gene for 10 years and in that time he has amazed me over and over again with his
stories, his quest and his music. I have spent the last 30 years in the music industry working with
many of the greats and I’ve rarely met an artist that could cross all genres of music with such finess.
Reading The Chameleon and experiencing the emotions his music brought to the printed page was
pure pleasure. I love the man and I love that he is my friend.”
Charles B. Springer

“It was such a pleasure sharing Gene Wall Cole’s thoughts and musical talents with my listeners
I’ve had him back twice already! His multi-media book The Chameleon is a MUST READ that is
guaranteed to send you into stitches as well as make you cry. Easily one of the most entertaining
guests we’ve ever had at both the radio show and LIFExpo. You’ll want him back just to keep up with
his latest adventures.”
Marcia Minor
Producer of LIFexpo and host of ‘Mind Your Body’
Radio WERE 1300 AM Cleveland, Ohio


Dear Gene,

One of the defining moments of Grace at the HOPE 2000 conference was
your personal testimonial and the philosophy of life and living that you shared with us on that day.

It touched many of the delegates and made it evident to all that the Higher power for all of us worked in many strange and beautiful ways, not neccessarily discernible in every day existence but in many concrete evidences over time.

Your music is mystical and I felt one with the Muse when I spent those magical hours
connecting with and through you with the super-conciousness which is our universal heritage and salvation.

May you continue to dazzle all and touch many more with your loving Spirit and concern.

It would be nice to have you over again in India-

God willing and God Bless


Dr Anand B Chaudhuri, MD

Letters to Gene Wall Cole and Awakening Imaginations

I just finished reading You May Be Right, but Consider This... by Gene Wall Cole. My initial reaction--- WOW---easily one of the most thought-provoking books I've ever read! It also inspired laughter so hard tears were running down my face!

  • intelligent, but not heady
  • well researched, but not tedious
  • humorous, yet respectful
  • very readable
  • excellent conversational tone
  • well organized into bite sized nuggets, yet tied together in a cohesive message on the current condition of our country and our world
  • great cross disciplinary references and perspectives
  • if marketed correctly, definitely a best seller which will have greatest impact on the concerned and confused masses, who know something is terribly wrong in our country and our world, but have no idea what it is or what to do about it

After Day 17 I wanted ten copies to give to friends in the world---after Day 27 I requested copies to give to all the executives at Cisco---by Day 39 I decided to create an approach where I could get it in the hands of our CEO personally, as Cisco's motto is, “changing the way the world works, lives, plays and learns” and Consider This… speaks to all four magnificently.

Lisa G. Jing
Human Resources Manager
Worldwide Diversity
Cisco Systems, Inc.
170 West Tasman Drive
San Jose , CA 95134-1706

I have just finished “The Chameleon.” After reading your book, I will be a better mom & wife.
Thank you!
Joann Cardoza

Orlando Fl.

I have listened to “Angel of Pure Love” off the Chameleon CD so many times that my tape is going to wear out. That truly is the most beautiful song I have ever heard.
Lavon Stevens
San Angelo , Tx.

It is not very often that my husband will attend a seminar. He was deeply moved and I can already see where it is having a profound effect on our relationship. Enclosed is a donation to help you take your work to more people.
Melody Mickeletto
Boulder, Co.

I'm writing to you now because you have been an important influence in my life. I am able to feel at a depth I once only imagined and I know much of the healing that has occurred is a direct result of your teachings.
Kristen Miller
Ocoee Fl.

I have been searching to change my life and find God's purpose for myself. You were the inspiration to help me find my path.
Bev Irwin,
London , Ontario

I just finished reading The Chameleon and every word resonated with me. What an incredible story. How can I get more copies to share? I'm going to write to Oprah.Com as you should be taking your work to the world. I feel so blessed to have experienced your workshop---it was truly amazing.

I want you to know what a HUGE impact your video workshop had on my son. He raves about you. I know a large part of his decision to move here and change his life was a result of your message.
Becky Durango
Ashland , Or.

Gene has a depth which can be felt at the soul level. He gave us motivating tools to move forward and to accomplish our Dreams now, not just for the Future.
Rev. Joan and James Egea
Chapel Hill, N.C.

Gene's music uplifts the soul. His life is a testament to transformation as he
examples his message. He is a brother giving himself to raising consciousness.
David Leonard
Mobile , Ala.

"Gene Wall Cole draws upon timeless wisdom from many of the world's great spiritual traditions. No matter what your particular religious background, you will discover powerful tools for more abundant living. He presents clear, specific methods to achieve the goals we all desire."
Rev. Michael Nikolaus,
Metropolitan Community Church of Los Angeles

Gene is insightful, spontaneous, authentic, joy filled and just plain inspiring. I hope you not only choose to experience him yourself but will help Gene launch his ministry throughout the world. His fresh approach to Truth and Healing will be a welcomed view along the path of transformation. I believe Gene embodies the best of those on the spiritual path and that he is called to plant seeds throughout our spiritual communities and the world.
Rev. Max Lafser
Seattle , Wa .

Gene's manner is light although his message is profound. I had been burnt out on workshops and almost decided to skip the afternoon even though I had invited Gene to be with us. Please hear me, I would not have missed this workshop for anything . I would offer to anyone who has the chance to see and hear Gene, run, don't walk and treat yourself to a powerful experience in healing.
Andrea Philo
Board President Toledo, Oh.

Having Gene Wall Cole as a presenter at our church was an exciting and invigorating experience. Gene is both challenging and humorous in presenting thought provoking concepts and his ability to generate a positive response seems almost mysterious.
Rev. Patrick Pollard
Albuquerque , N.M.

Ron Scott
Austin , Tx .

"Gene won his audience with his openness and warmth while his music touches the soul."
Rev. Deborah
Olive Tacoma , Wa.

Gene has an unusual depth of spiritual insight and artistic creativity. He is bright, high energy, fun and a wonder to behold. Over the years I have hosted a great number of speakers, musicians and workshop presenters. Gene Wall Cole is one of the most powerful and unique presenters we have ever had. Both my congregation and I were inspired by him and I know yours will be as well.
Rev. John Strickland
Atlanta , Ga.

Hello Gene and everyone at Awakening Imaginations

My name is Kristen Miller. We met approximately 6 months ago at my church in Ocoee FL. I'm writing to you now because I feel I can trust you, and that you have been an important influence in my life. During your workshop and concert at the church I felt a gentle yet significant shift within me. Shortly thereafter I broke up with my boyfriend, several important business opportunities were offered, and I found myself surrounded by many beautiful people whose love and friendship I am able to feel at a depth I once only imagined---I feel that these changes are a direct result of your teachings. Also my Dad and I mended a very old misunderstanding.

Much of the healing that has occurred in my life has something to do with you. I respect your work very much. I know your heart is a beautiful one, and that you POWERFULLY love and intend for those you minister to. Thank you Gene for reading this note and assisting in my healing. Please return to Florida soon. Your music, message and vibration is very much appreciated here. Blessings to all of you----keep up the good work.

Hi Gene!

Remember me? I attended your workshop in Chapel Hill last fall at The Center for Peace. Thank you, Gene, for encouraging me to follow my heart!!!! At the time I was getting an urge to live in a big house? I started visioning the house using techniques you suggested and even drawing floor plans. I couldn't drive by a house that was for sale or being built without stopping to go inside. I could FEEL a house coming to me. I didn't know how that could possibly happen financially, though. But I let God handle that part. Like you said the HOW was none of my business. Well, I just have this burning desire to write and tell you that I moved into the house on April 27! It's a townhouse, not a separate house. It's so beautiful that I had to keep pinching myself for the 1st few weeks. It's beyond my expectations. My private practice has started blooming, and I'm able to do that here, too. Anyway, thanks again for opening the door and showing me the way.

Diane Diller

To everyone at Awakening Imaginations,

“I really enjoyed Gene Wall Cole's testimony. He was able to catch the Juvenile in-mates attention (which isn't an easy thing to do). He was able to show them that there is still hope.”
Bernard Fleeks
Jr.Chaplain, Orange County Jail , Orlando

Dear Gene,

Your inspiring music and presence last Sunday was a rare gift. I finished your engaging memoir last evening. I was compelled to read well past my bedtime until I finished! I empathized with much of your journey as I have been on a similar path. I am a registered nurse, mental health specialist and am completing graduate studies counseling/family therapy. I am writing to thank you for the workshop, which was a powerful experience. I am doing the homework and can already see concrete results---you make it so simple! Wishing you peace and success on your journey.

Elizabeth Werner

Hi Gene!

I just wanted to email you and tell you that I thoroughly enjoyed your book and love all three CD's. I was at the service and workshop at Unity Center of Tacoma... I loved your style of writing and your story is incredible. What an adventure! You have a gift for writing and your story made me want to know more... what happened with Princess Marigold? Will there be a sequel?

Seriously, I had several "breakthroughs" from your workshop and book. I compliment you on your work. Not only are you doing a fabulous job, but your beautiful spirit shines through. It is so important to share that with others. You are a unique and wonderful person with a special place in this world, and I have learned a lot from you. Hopefully sometime in the future you will again be in the Tacoma area.

Love and blessings,
Michele Angelique Millsap


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