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FIRST (In A Three Part Plan)

   Using today's technology “we the people” need to metaphorically beat the bushes (no pun intended), and find a courageous man or woman willing to help a troubled democracy get back on track. Someone a huge majority of the people know to be good and decent; someone who is both beloved and trusted who has demonstrated common sense and integrity and no agendas; someone immune from the allure of power, money and limelight. It should probably be someone who has already seen and had it all; someone who doesn't really want the job, but recognizes the fix we're in and will heed the call.

   How about a Walter Cronkite or a Bill Moyers? If the country wants another actor, maybe we could convince Harrison Ford, or Tom Hanks, or an Oprah Winfrey to put aside their own personal lives for awhile and help us out. It's asking a lot but I have to believe there's someone who was destined for this calling.

   Think about it. If millions of people will get involved and vote by internet who they think should be the next “American Idol”, surely we ought to be able to pick a “people's candidate” the same way. It's not too far fetched to think that 150 million people might narrow down a starting list of the most trusted and respected minds in our country to be our next leader.

   Obviously we need someone with a good mind, a healthy curiosity, integrity, listening skills, common sense, and a desire to work for all the people, not just one side of the aisle or the elite few with deep pockets. When you figure Abe Lincoln and George Washington were really just concerned citizens that had no political experience, it would probably be a blessing to not have a professional politician again, as they didn't do too bad!

   Since common sense is a prerequisite for the job, we need someone who would surround themselves with the best minds and the healthiest motives, to hear all sides of any important issue. Obviously, if we choose someone with limited political skills, they need to be great in the people department. It would have to be someone willing to choose a diverse cabinet to advise them so they could hear all sides of an issue. For example, someone who could handle having a Colin Powell, a young Kennedy, a Rush Limbaugh, a Bill Maher, a Jon Stewart, a Hillary Clinton, a Noam Chomsky and a Billy Graham all in their administration, with Dr. Phil on call to help them check their egos at the door when necessary. You know Oprah's looking better all the time!

   I'm very aware that few decent people want to give up their lives for public service anymore, but the proverbial optimist in me believes there has to be a Jimmy Stewart from ‘Mr. Smith Goes to Washington' that was born for this opportunity.



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