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Acoustic Orchestral
The Nature of Our Calling

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Classical Violin
Angel of Pure Love

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Country Rock
Life As We Know It

(232 KB)

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Country Western
Cowboys and Indians

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(81 KB)

The Chakra Song

(136 KB)

(46 KB)

"Folk Funk"
There Ought To Be A Law

(219 KB)

(105 KB)

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

(201 KB)

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Melodic Jazz
That's What Love Should Be

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Merlin's Humor
Shortening Bread Tidbit


(65 KB)


New Age
Merlin's Theme

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(75 KB)

New Age Acoustic
Ocean Song

(260 KB)

(126 KB)

New Age Alchemy
Nepalese Princess

(262 KB)

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New Age Orchestral
Children's Song

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One-of-a-Kind Dulsitar
Black Mountain Raja

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Want To Live Like That

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Soft Rock
With Or Without You

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Spiritual Yodeling
Yodel Away

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(180 KB)

Habit Forming

(293 KB)

(140 KB)

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