Awakening Imaginations began the full time work of inspiring and motivating people to follow their dreams in life more than 7 years ago and has recently been approved for non-profit, tax exempt status. In that time we have visited more than 40 states, visited numerous other countries and have directly impacted literally tens of thousands of lives. With the release of You May Be Right, but Consider This---A 40 Day Fast From Ignorance , and Jesus Die(t) to Save the World we hope to make a difference in millions more over the next few years.

With your time, talents and funding:

WE will make a difference for others, especially the children. WE will be a positive influence on not only those around us but on society as a whole. WE will bring enormous joy to those looking for hope and encouragement. WE will help those in recovery from drugs and alcohol as well as those with Attention Deficit Disorder by sharing our experience, strength and hope with them. WE will inspire high school and college students to follow their dreams and corporations to see the value of an altruistic long range view instead of just looking at the bottom line.


This will be done using the universal languages of music and humor to open hearts and then by planting seeds of wisdom while relating personal experience. High School and college kids particularly relate to our founder's musical background and history and will be open to his message as someone who “has been there”. The workshop “Follow your Dreams---the Bottom Line“ does just that, cutting to the chase as it teaches principles everyone from the corporate executive to the housewife can understand and utilize on a daily basis---- laws of manifesting that are as absolute and consistent as the law of gravity.


If you have a talent or gift that you believe would help our organization, please download, print-out and complete our information form CLICK HERE. Please mail it in to the address below or email us at if you have any questions feel free to give us a call 828-657-5416.

Thank you,

Awakening Imaginations Staff

THE Awakening Imagi-NATION
P.O. Box 344
Henrietta, NC 28076


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