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Here's what one British writer Dion Byngham said in an article in the monthly journal “Health and Life”, in July 1936, when referring to much of the information found in Jesus' Diet:

“If the contents of a book could save our contemporary world, which is eddying and crashing to ruin, that book I believe has been written. If the contents of a book could redeem us as individuals from a common destiny of disease and death, that same book has appeared. If between the covers of a book might be found the sure path to creative peace, to superb health and beauty, to an optimal abundance of joy in life, let us open and read it. For if, while reading, we should perchance decide to live what we read, all these seeming miracles might assuredly happen.

If you are one of the millions of readers fascinated with the historical implications raised in The Da Vinci Code and found yourself wanting more; if you are one of the millions of people struggling with weight issues and haven't found a program that fits; if you are one of the millions whose health has dampened your passion for life and are seeking real solutions, then Jesus' Diet… is a must read."


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Always Drink Up Stream From The Herd

Reflections of an American fasting from ignorance

by Gene Wall Cole

“Beyond the place of right thinking and wrong thinking there is a field---I'll meet you there”                  
Rainer Maria Rilke

Human truths, like everything else in nature, evolve and have their birth, growth and decline. An elementary school child today probably knows more than the sages of ancient Greece and Rome, while the child of tomorrow will know more than the wisest of us. We once thought the earth was flat, until someone reconsidered that belief. We once believed the sun rotated around the earth, until Galileo considered another possibility and was pronounced a heretic for his troubles. For those not quite up to date, in 1991 the Vatican finally admitted he was right (only 400 some-odd years late, but hey, better late than never.) The fact is everything evolves! “Always Drink…” is about the evolution of ethics democracy and spirituality, or, if you prefer, “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

The driving philosophical principle behind “Always Drink…” is based on the belief that the entire history of human culture is the antagonism between 2 points of view--- a static world view, and a dynamic world view where everything is constantly evolving. With the advancement of quantum physics and the unraveling of the DNA mystery, we have finally established that everything is made of energy---EVERYTHING! “Consider this…” comes from knowing that this apparent abstract fact has very practical consequences.


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