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The broad range of “ministering” products, organizations and churches, the never ending “self-help” books in bookstores that are growing annually, and the facts and statistics of the public domain, all demonstrate that people are constantly struggling with problems and issues that tear away at the substance of their lives – and show us that, no matter how “normal” our childhood, how great our parents, how much or how little money we had growing up or our education, people almost always feel like there is something “missing” in their lives. In spite of this feeling, most people do not reach for or achieve their highest dreams and potentials. Why don't we? …it is because we think it is impossible. We do not believe that there is a way for us to manifest our deepest desires and follow our dreams…nor do we think we are worthy, and because we do not see a way before us… we give up.


Gene Wall Cole's ministry, “Awakening Imaginations”, has really touched the lives of people all across the country, as he travels telling his tales. Gene's incredible life story is one which has taken him through the professional music industry in both Nashville and L.A. After having a profound spiritual experience in the early eighties, Gene's life work took a dramatic turn.

Overcoming his addiction to drugs and the fast-lane lifestyle that is often associated with the music industry, Gene began to live the spiritual messages he was given in not one – but two near death experiences. Following the desires of his heart and living in the world, but not of it, has become his solitary path. Standing on scriptural principles and universal laws, Gene began to see the manifestation of his dreams in his own life. Over time, he began to teach others the lessons he had learned from his own personal experiences and eventually established Awakening Imaginations Ministry. As Gene says:

“I have been blessed to follow my dreams. I feel it is not only my joy, but my responsibility to share my experience, strength and hopes with others.

Gene's message and his ministry are uplifting, joyful explorations for those who get to experience them. Scriptural references supporting his message are taught, in addition to universal laws which support our divine right as children of God, to embrace all that we desire from life. Awakening Imaginations uses many different components to deliver its beautiful, tangible message of hope, recovery, and personal achievement. Through these programs the ministry projects light, illuminating a previously unknown peace in life for participants, and teaches workable steps for participants to utilize in learning how to overcome problems, and manifesting their dreams. In other words, Gene does not “just lead the horse to water” – he teaches, then shows, participants to learn to drink the water for themselves.

If you have a talent or gift that you believe would help our organization, please download, print-out and complete our information form CLICK HERE. Please mail it in to the address below or email us at if you have any questions feel free to give us a call 828-657-5416.

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