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Awakening Imaginations began the full time work of inspiring and motivating people to follow their dreams more than 10 years ago, and has recently been approved for non-profit, tax exempt status. In that time we have visited more than 40 states, numerous countries, and have directly impacted literally hundreds of thousands of lives world-wide. With the release of our founders new books, CONSIDER THIS , and Jesus Diet For All The World, and the new workshops, concerts and outreach programs Gene Wall Cole has developed, we hope to make a difference in the lives of millions more.

THE Awakening Imagi-NATION, is a growing community where we take literally Einstein's admonition that "Imagination is more important than knowledge." We are changing the way the world works, plays, learns, creates, and evolves, while guiding people to rediscover their birthright--HAPPINESS. Money they have, it's peace joy and happiness they seek.

WE are making a difference one person, one organization, one event at a time. WE inspire not only individuals, but corporations to see the value of an altruistic long range view instead of just looking at the bottom line. WE are a positive influence on not only those around us, but on society as a whole. WE bring enormous joy to those looking for hope and encouragement. WE help those in recovery from drugs and alcohol as well as those with Attention Deficit Disorder by sharing our experience, strength and hope with them. WE are reaching out to children of all ages, but especially high school and college students to help them follow their dreams.

Using language, books, video, and websites to impart the message of who we are and what we have to offer, is almost a contradiction in itself. It is hard to impart a path of becoming conscious with mere words, as it has to be experienced. True peace of mind, wisdom from knowing instead of simply believing, contentment, awe and an awakening consciousness simply have to be experienced first hand. But when you have found water in a desert full of thirsty people, you have to shout--THERE IS WATER HERE!

The broad range of “ministering” products, organizations and churches, the never ending “self-help” books in bookstores that are growing annually, and the facts and statistics of the public domain, all demonstrate that people are constantly struggling with problems and issues that tear away at the substance of their lives. No matter how “normal” our childhood, how great our parents, how much or how little money we had growing up, or how much education we have, people almost always feel like there is something “missing” in their lives. In spite of this feeling, most people do not reach for, or achieve, their highest dreams and potentials. Why don't we? It is because we think it is impossible. We do not believe that there is a way for us to manifest our deepest desires and follow our dreams…nor do we think we are worthy, and because we do not see a way before us…we give up.

After centuries of spoon feeding by elders, society, and religion, most people are insensitive to taste life first hand, and have no idea when or from where they got their opinions, nor really even care as long as they are approved of. Whether it's food or ideas, the goal is to get true nourishment, and much of the world doesn't know the difference between fresh and canned anymore.

Those in THE Awakening Imagi-NATION community demonstrate and teach others the fundamental elements of happiness and harmony and have the ability to arouse passion for truth, which is a requirement for deeper inner discovery. We are learning to speak with an uncanny logic that can't be denied, but with an inner knowingness and ecstasy that portrays deeper meaning.

WHAT?   We are serving the world by empowering people to become fully alive.

WHY?   Because it brings us happiness and because the greatest thing you can offer the world is being a joyous person.

HOW?   Since people are social creatures and don't want to do it alone, we offer one day, three days, and week long seminars, keynotes for corporations and health organizations, cruises, concerts and coaching. Our on-line worldwide community's sole purpose, is to uncover, discover, and discard old worn out patterns and belief systems that no longer serve us and to be happy anyway.

This will be done using the universal languages of music and humor to open hearts and then by planting seeds of wisdom to help in the prevention of truth decay.

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